Thursday, October 28, 2010

My trip to Singapore

Sheena and I, along with cousin Bonnie went to Singapore in July to pay a visit to our cousin sisters. It was mainly a shopping trip la, haha!

I didn't buy much, just a dress from Cotton-on. I remember how YT always comes back from the land of lion with luggages fulled of shopping bags and shoes from Charles & Keith! This girl, goes to Singapore like almost every 2 months, grrrr!!

anyway, i met up with Dave who happened to be back from Perth after his 1st round of training as a SIA cadet.

and he treat me dinner..muhahaha! Because i kept complaining that he buys Elaine dinners but not me!

and the souvenir he got for me from Perth, it's a pilot koala, so cute!

later at night, we went to Gelang for frog porridge, quite yummy!

spotted Ben & Jerry's at Orchard road :P

Visited Leesze and Melvin's at Pasir Ris.They brought us to eat crab beehun, so yummilicious!

Breakfast at ToastBox, strawberries and toast tasted not bad :P

walking to MRT station from Tampines.

I always love Burger King. Had lunch at Singapore airport before departing to KL.

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