Sunday, April 04, 2010

What is happening around

My life has been quite a drama lately. So many things had happened, good and bad ones, so much events had took place and I really don't know where to start!

Lets start with Wui keat's wedding.

I took a trip back home specially for his wedding, because he has been a really good friend to me,haven known him since Form 2 i guess, I'm really happy that he found his soul mate and happily married.

Going to his wedding reception was more like a high school mates reunion to me, I haven't been seeing anyone of them for such a long time!


Sow Hoon dear, I've known her since donkey years ago and we are best pal ever since. She is one of my Starbucks mate :)

Yvonne Yee Hui, she was my roomie since uni 1st and 2nd year, time flies!! she's a mom already, can you believe that?

Huei Yuen, we were best buddy during high school time, havent seen her around for ages!

With the groom and the bride :)

I have more pictures, please view from my Flickr online album HERE


Jerine said...

Your Starbucks mate wearing Starbucks color. Damn fanatic!

Raisa said...

I love how colorful all the photos are! Very pretty!