Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preparation to WaiFun's wedding

Hey peeps! I'll be out of town this weekend for Waifun's wedding in Kuching. I can feel the excitement already, from getting the bridemaid's dressing to practising my scripts as emcee for the night...woohoo!

Here, I've made a pair of matching earrings to match my dress for the morning ceremony.


I got the dress at a bargain, i really think I've made the best choice ever, only RM33


YT said...

The earrings are nice ;)

Oi, let's make some accessories together! I m so bored lately.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks dear!

yes, i know you're bored! i wanted to do wardrobe day..

I have an idea! we'll get one day with a theme, for ex, the theme is pink , and that day we have to wear things in pink and do everything in pink..

if we're making accessories that day, it'll be in pink only

Janice said...

I love the color of both the earring and dress. It's elegant yet lovely. Really wise choice.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks thanks!!! the dress is quite comfy too :P