Monday, April 12, 2010

My first attempt in making wedding corsage

If you're close to me, i bet you'll know that i'm pretty busy lately, esepcially for weddings. I couldn't believe that I have 5 weddings to attend in just 2 months...and more to come! These weddings are close friends and cousin's of mine :)

WF is getting married, or i shall say, got married last weekend in Ipoh..but she'll have another official wedding ceromony in Kuching this coming weekend. Therefore me and a few colleagues will be in the city of cat to give her a hand.

WF wanted something special for her bridemaid's corsage, so we had a crafty night making these corsages, love the result though it's my 1st attempt.

Olive green satin ribbon as the base, tied in white satin ribbon.

Hot glue gun is superb useful!

First, glue the fur to the center of the bow and then followed by the butterfly.

All six of them



YT said...

Nice ones!

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks sweetie, I'm thinking to make unique accessories for your bridemaids..something with a theme but all in differente design..

YT said...

I don really have any bridesmaids. But I m thinking of having special "friendship souvenirs" for my closer friends.

Can u help me with that?

Stephanie meiyu said...

Of course!! i will cry if u don't ask for my help..i'm always available for u