Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Easter

This post came in so late!! Easter has passed and I've spent my Easter Sunday dozing away in my bed. I was so exhausted for that past 1 week..

Only if Penang has Easter Parade, I would definitely go..simply because I love bunnies and eggs.
I'm not sure why they relate Easter day with bunnies and eggs, like why Santa and Christmas tree for Christmas? Funny right?

easter bunny

I got the white bunny from the store and sew a blue ribbon felt bow for her. Oh, did i mentioned that the bunny can vibrates, muhaha!

YT went to Macau/HK with ym for a romantic getaway *jealous* and she got me a uber cute Mickey charmed bracelet from Disneyland.


Speaking about this "hang fuk" girl, she have found her soul-mate and happily engaged now, I'm soooooo happy for her! I didn't buy her a 1 carat diamond, i made her one instead :)


Stephanie's special edition 1 carrot ring !!!