Sunday, April 11, 2010

before and after

There has been a major changed in my life here in Penang, definitely not something to do with my career, because I'm still with my very 1st company. Ever since the major change, it affected my appetite and lifestyle as well :(

In the month of March, I wasn't eating a lot, there were times I didn't anything for the day and I didn't feel hungry at all. Put it in comparison, the amount of food I'd consumed for that month is lesser that an average person in a week.

Result? I lose 6KG in a month! ....and still loosing now.

I'm picking up the pieces and doing pretty well i would say, I'm standing up again because of the loves and care from family and good friends.


I know I've slimmed down quite a bit when I've noticed that my clothes are too baggy for me. Pictures were taken in January 2010 during Joanne's wedding and April 2010 during wuikeat's wedding.

I wouldn't say I'm completely recovered from what had happened, sometimes I find myself emotionally drained and sleeping is my only remedy.

All these are part of life's process, and I'm pretty sure that everyone has to go through them in order to grow up and be responsible for ourselves.

They said, people don't change. YES! it's true that people don't change, I am still the same old Steph you'd used to know, bubbly and cheerful, but my perception towards things has changed. I've learned to see things beyond the surface.


YT said...

It's not easy but u will be okay once you go through it.

Slimming is a good thing (I wan to be chio too!) but healthy is important also.

Take good care. U r a great girl, and u hv a great life. I am sure everything will be fine and sunny soon :)

Stephanie meiyu said...

thanks darling :) i'll healthy once again after i finish all you 10 packets of chicken biscuit tonight

Anonymous said...

Like YT says, you are a great girl with a great life, great friends and family+Jasmine.

You will recover because I believe you are a strong girl :) but please take care of your health.

I will always keep you in my prayer.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks !!! but can i have your name? at least i know there's someone out there who keeps me in his/her prayers :P

Candice said...

hi dear, i am almost about to mail you and ask what had happened to to you because got no updates from you in your blogshop but luckily i did browse to here today! tho i dont know what is happening there but you are always a cheerful lil girl for me. take good care of youself k? :):):)

Stephanie meiyu said...

hey candice, Thanks darling!! you'll always be my favourite supporter..

many unhappy things had happened and i'm kinda taking a break from it, but i'll resume soon, very soon..

Candice said...

Great then! :)

but you also have gained some "prettiness" from it!!!
you look prettier!!! (faster say i am nice!)

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha!!'re sooooo nice! thanks:P made my day