Monday, January 04, 2010

Steph's surprise Christmas pressie

I've noticed i haven't been blogging about my Christmas pressie, I will do it later. But today, i wanted to show you an unexpected pressie from Pete.

Picture 840

Nicely wrapped and Pete wrapped it all by himself. I wonder when he did it, because I was with him all the time.

Picture 861

In love with my pressie! Guess what's inside?

Picture 906

A 2 in 1 curler + straightener! He knew i always wanted one..

Picture 913

It can be a curler

Picture 914

and a straightener, I don't have to change the head or something, all in one!

Picture 907

Trying it already. I thought Nikon D90 is my Christmas + anniversary + birthday pressie, totally never expect this one.

Thank you darling Pete.

*Pictures are taken with Nikon D90


YT said...

Hehehe... the ribbon looks familiar...

Stephanie meiyu said...

kekeke, yes, very familiar

estherlei said...

My FOE shirt!!

Jerine said...

Eh...if Peter is being annoying, you can hit him with the thong. Kakakaka...

Stephanie meiyu said...

esther, hahaha! yeap yeap, that shirt, i'm still wearing it, keke!

Jerine, good idea! I'm gonna do that, u can borrow mine if u need it

Jerine said...

I hit who? Hit Peter also ar? Ahahahaha....