Friday, January 15, 2010

Steph's slim down plan

Ok,I'm gonna talk serious, don't mess up with Steph, I bite!

I was chatting with YT on MSN and i don't know how we got into comparing pictures of our old times. Which led us to a conclusion, WE ARE FATTER NOW!

I was once slimmer ( i wouldn't say i'm slim, because i was/am never slim, my shape is rather curvy), so, I'm determined to slim down before CNY!


This picture was taken 4 years back, though I've gradually grew bigger, but I'm gonna make myself back to this shape!


1. Shut my mouth after 8pm- so don't call me out for supper, I will bite you
2. Start doing yoga with YT once a week
3. Hit the gym 3 times a week and make sure i'll stay at least an hour - I have buddy with me
4. Going joggin with YT once a week - this is a promise from me to her, she is doing the same for me for Yoga.
5. Cut down on oily and high cabs food -Ex. fast food and white rice
6. Sleep early!

till then, Good night!