Friday, January 08, 2010

Stephanie's very first offline bazaar

Stephanie's first offline bazaar at e@Curve was fun, though I wasn't there to help out, but the preparation to set up that small corner has been trilling and exciting. This was done last minute but I'm glad that everything went well.

Stephanie's little small corner.

I bought the earrings stands especially for this event.

Oh boy, I really love this picture! very nicely taken!

Sheena and Pauline, thank you girls, for doing me the favour.

*Pictures are taken with Nikon D90 by Edvin P.


YT said...

How's the sales???

So rich why never pay for our dinner one??? How come?

Jerine said...

so rich still take money from me :(

Stephanie meiyu said...

celaka!!! i knew u 2 are leaving comments just now!

sales, not really good, kekeke! response not good, so no dinner.