Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stephanie and her new cameras


I always thought SLR is cool, but a point and shoot camera is very very important too. You can't be bringing your SLR everywhere you go right?

I ditched Pete's Canon Powershot because there's problem with the memory card slot , and bought myself a new Lumix for Christmas.

Panasonic Lumix FS62 =RM540


D90 is my best birthday pressie and I totally love it, though i havent really master it (Pete can use it better than me) but I shall work harder. Alfonso borrowed his 50mm prime lens, and I'm in love with it. Maybe a 35mm, because 50mm is too near.

Nikon D90 with kit lens =RM3950

till than, i have a lot of work to do for my new Get Hooked* Garden Series, stay tuned!
Pictures are taken with Nikon D90


YT said...

50mm is awesome for portraits, the blurred-out effect is really cool. Love it.

Stephanie meiyu said...

i can't believe you went to office so early!

yes, 50mm is great!

Edvin Phang said...

50mm 1.8d? Try the 35mm f2.0d too :).

Stephanie meiyu said...

hey edvin, wanted too, but then i dont know who has it and i think it's not cheap.