Friday, January 01, 2010

Short trip to Melacca

If you have been following my Twitter, you should know that I’ve been twittering about going to Singapore with my dad and Sheena. Unfortunately, the plan was canceled last minute because of the death of my cousin in Johor, Kluang.

Instead of heading to Singapore, we went to Johor for the funeral. Then we stopped by Melacca for a short trip.


Most of the hotels were fully booked but we manage to get a room in City Bay View hotel. Overall was good but the receptionists at the counter are bad! When we called up to inquire about the internet rate, she asked us to buy a drink from the café and use the WIFI from there. We explained that we wanted to use it in the room and she don’t seems to understand, really stupid!

love my new Lumix.


City Bay View has really nice Christmas decorations at the lobby area.


Those tiny Christmas pine trees are just too cute! I love how they were arranged, looks like a mini snowing forest to me.


More mini Christmas trees.


Went to Portuguese Settlement for dinner but the food was average only, nothing special. What really amazed me were the houses in the settlement, they practically lit up the house with neon lights!! I have never seen these anywhere in Malaysia, only the Roman Catholics in Portuguese Settlement do this every Christmas.


Next day, we had breakfast at Donald & Lily’s for nyonya food, and it was also average also! I remember it was really good when I was studying in MMU, melaka about 7 years ago.

Nyonya laksa.


Dad's enjoying his breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Jonker walk for cendol ice and bought really nice pineapple tarts, yummilicious! That marks the end of our short but sweet Melacca trip.

Ps : I’m on way back to Penang now and blogging from bus again, traveling with Aeroline was always very pleasant and comfortable, but this group of Russians had to spoilt my journey. They talked and laughed so loud that I still heard them even with my music blasting through my earphones. That’s not all, they played with the bus radio and started singing Russian Christmas songs and they had no idea how loud was it! That aside, the boy and his mum sitting right next to me, have been eating non-stop through out the journey, and I have no idea where they got their Maggie hot bowls!

Pictures taken by Panasonic LUMIX FS62


YT said...

Omg, Melaka is so nice. I actually like Melaka a lot more than Penang.

stephanie said...

yeap, melaka is nice! i wish i could stay longer for the trip

Anonymous said...

stumbled on your blog, good work Stephanie!

Anonymous said...

stumbled on your blog, good work Stephanie!

stephanie said...

Thank you!