Saturday, January 23, 2010

Joanne and Karsiew's Wedding reception

This post will be damn boring one, in fact all my posts have been very boring...I don't have time to squeeze my creative juice, orange juice got la.

I'm busy because I have a super messy room, I havent seen such messy room before, it's messier than when I 1st moved in...

everyday, i'll tell myself that my room need a spring cleaning and everyday i didn't do it! alll because of my *devilish* friends, who asked me to shopping, go supper...keke!

Okie okie! I just like to blame them because it's fun to see their face when they're speechless!

Anyway, back to Joanne's wedding reception at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, PENANG. It was a blast, to be honest, i think the hall has too many pillars, i don't even know where is the stage!

The hall, can you see the pillars? Other than that, i love the decorations, and it feels quite cosy and fun in there.

It's nice to see my friends again, Gusman, Khek, Alan, Gan, Pete,Sim and CC

Congrats to Joanne and KarSiew. I super love this picture, it's so nicely taken :)

CC and I

Alan and I, and his signature hairstyle, because from the 1st day I've known him, about 5 years ago, he's with this hair and now still the same hair, hahaaha!

Sim, CC and I

Ok, thats about it :) Not many pictures taken because I was a bit light due to too much whiskey, bad bad bad!