Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas Party in the office

Every year, PDC will held fund raising to collect RM1200 to sponsor a child from CPS (Child Protection Society) in penang. We raised RM4400++ this year by selling gifts and donations from fellow colleagues, i don't remember the exact amount but it was 3-4 times more than last year.

Since the launching of Get Hooked*, and the business for Christmas was really good, so i thought i should repay some good deeds, I volunteered to sponsor Get Hooked* Snowman series and all the sales went to the fund. Because these keychains are made to order, the committee members helped me to jot down all orders when i was away to Batu Pahat for a week.

Crappy yet lovely people, it's truly fun working with them, they're full of craps!


The keychain sample i left before leaving for Batu Pahat.


Yummilicious Frosty the snowmen.


Lots of Devvy keychains.


Total keychains made for first batch is 28 pieces. PHEW! Later I've made another 32 pieces and all of them sold out in less than 2 weeks.

TOTAL donation =RM10 x 60 =RM600

NOW, photo's time!



We had a little treasure hunt and gifts exhange during the party, Pete was very fasinated with his gigantic paper clip.


Still toying with his paper clip.


He is really stupid, I don't know why i found him cute last time.


OY went crazy too.


You don't need a nose job, a gigantic paper clip will do.


oh no! KB became the nipple victim.


I don't care, i must clip someone's nipple! \
Pictures are taken with Nikon D90


Jerine said...

OMG... I actually wanted to buy you the giant paper clip instead of the ice cream... but i thought it wasnt that practical to carry it to hard rock cafe. so i bought the pen instead.

can't believe you made all of that snowman. geezz...

Stephanie meiyu said...

kekekee, i love that paper clip, damn cute! if you buy me that, i'll have a pair and just right for pete's nipples, hahaahahaa!! "evil"

oh, yea, i've made more than 200 snowmen for christmas, nightmares but fun

YT said...

Snowmen cute cute cute!

*can't believe i m commenting on ur blog when u r sitting right in front of my face*

I like the giant paper clip!

Stephanie meiyu said...

really funny! i told you i want to reply right? why did u off the laptop?