Monday, September 28, 2009

Stephanie's featured in Fashionista1001

A very big thank you to Fashionista1001 who took the effort to featured me in their ever so lovely blog.

Visit Fashionista1001 to read more.

off topic:
Life been a little busy lately, with work and friends. I've visited Sim's handsome golden retriever, Lucky last Sunday, he's so fluffy and tough! after such long while since my last visit to him, apparently he still remembers me. He's such a cutie, every time he sees someone, he'll pick up his tennis ball and waiting to play. I don't have pictures of him, because he's jumping and running and shaking all the time, never for once he's still, HOW TO TAKE PICTURES LEH?

Anyway, after the sweating game with Lucky, Sim, Pete and I went for Gamer which i slept during half way of the movie, gosh! U better don't waste your money on that movie, such a lousy movie!

Then we went to fly the kite at the beach, it was freaking fun! I bet i'll do that another time, will upload the pictures once I get the picture from Sim :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

New in September

Quickie updates on Stephanie's


septemerbracelet copy

These will be added to the blogshop as soon as I get back to Penang :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


You know how people say that you can’t be friend with both the boyfriend and girl, but I’m lucky enough to have a few couple friends whom I really adore and truly enjoy their company.


I’ve known Yung Ming for ages, we were housemates back then but now he has his apartment they called it their warm nest. Ever since I’ve met YT, we clicked immediately and now YT and I were closer than YM and I, we talked about everything under the sun, we bitch about bitches, and we laughed to stupid jokes and watch movies every week.


They’re really cute, they love to fight with each other but don’t be wrong, they express their love that way, which I always laugh whenever they fight, can’t help it :)


Alfonso and WF are my colleagues, WF was my cube mate back then but since the restructuring of the company, we were arranged to different place now. Our friendship started when they invited Pete and I to open water diving course in Redang., then to Phuket and Langkawai.


One thing in common that we have is that both our partners are working in the same company; all 4 of us are working in the same company.


Sim has been my best friend forever and I remember how I always scolded him for not having a girlfriend sooner. Now that she has CC and I’m so proud of him, because CC is a really sweet girl. I’ve only met CC once (in Duncan’s birthday trip to Genting), but I really like her, and she’s friendly too. Sim was reluctant on bringing her out to his friends because he was afraid that she couldn’t click, but I guess he was wrong!


Both of them are very sweet, I could get diabetes by merely looking at them. It was fun having them around,


Last but not lease the champion couple of all! Happily ever after

Bridesmaid jewelry set


I've recently received an order to customize a set of bridesmaid necklace set and I'm excited and trilled. I find myself be hyped up whenever i receive orders for special occasions, kids birthday, weddings and such.

Find more beautiful handmade jewelries at Stephanie's

Monday, September 14, 2009

Roototes shopper

The usage of eco bags has been increasing in Malaysia as the government urges us to reduce the usage of plastic bags. I have always been the biggest fan of environmental friendly items, I love to revamp old items and make them new again.

I remember how I was crazy over an eco-bag from Starbuck and drank 12 coffees to redeem it. Cute eco-bags are irresistible, especially when i saw Roo-shopper from Roototes.


This is the cutest shoppers I've ever seen, with lots of different fancy prints and the exact shape of a plastic bags you usually saw in the supermarket, except that this is reuse-able.*notice the pink cupcake*

*Pictures credit to Evy&Yng Gallery.
Roo-shopper comes in 3 size, large, medium and small. I personally prefers smaller shopper.


These are among my favourites designs, animals make me happy.


Roo-shopper can be folded into a smaller bag and kept in your handbag.


Apart from shopper bags, RooTotes also offers different canvas tote bags. Roo- carriage is their newest design, it is a bag organizer.

When I use bigger bags, the biggest problem is that I always can't find my things, but with roo-carriage, I won't be taking hours to find my keys, or my ipod or my hand cream or what-so-ever. Besides, when i switch to another bag, all i need to do is to pull out my Roo-carriage and put it into the other bag, no messy things lying around the table anymore. So nice isn't it? but.............i don't have a roo-carriage.


I am dying for this! Any kind-hearted sponsors out there?


Harrods shopper is in my list too, I love it's elegant and classic design and it's so typical yet special. I wanted to get the Westie Shoppers from KLCC but since YT is in London now, I put these 2 into my shopping list for her. Ever since i brought her to Harrods in KLCC, she's in love with it too.


YT said i am a real shopaholic, i can spent hundreds of ringgit without even stepping foot into Europe. Ness is a local brand from Scotland, I'm in love with it tartan checks design and what makes it special is that it is only sold in UK. Since YT will be going to Edinburgh, I've put a few Ness into the shopping list.

Looks like YT's luggage will be occupied by my stuffs..oh btw, YT dear, if you're reading this, I wanted red buses and nut crackers..*evil grins* if you don't buy me those, I'll take away your LCD TV and PS3, muahahahaa! yes, I'm threatening u.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Polymer clay accessories

I was so busy last month, trying to clear off all my polymer clay orders. and making polymer clay will usually take up half day, thats y i usually clear off my orders on weekends only, but now that my orders are piling up and i have to work on weekdays.

Pictures galore,

This are for a baby girl's one year old birthday party's goodie bags.

Cellphone charms in cookie and mini cupcakes.

Necklaces in pastel colour cupcake charms.

Lollipop charm.

This one is for the birthday girl, to make it a lil bit special, i've added a number 1 charm.

Next, it's Eunice's Happy Tree Friends keychain.

I don't remember whats her name but she's surely a cute lil yellow bunny.

Now, i'm gonna show u the master piece of YT and mine....(i helped a lil only, she did most of it)

No, this not the master piece, only the accessories.

Now this is it, we took 3-4 hours to complete them and really satisfied with the result. They're YT's cousin's wedding gift.

They're just too cute to give away, but i'm sure they'll be really happy.

I gave this beautiful necklace to YT to go with her dress. Made with gold brass swallow charm with a really beautiful ash gray glass briollete on a imported brass copper chain in antique gold finish . You can get the necklace from Stephanie's

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blessings in disguise

I never believe in lucky draws, because i never had any luck!

Work has been a roller coaster ride ever since the company filed bankruptcy protection, but things has been going back on track and our morale is recovering as well. Weeks ago, my company sorta had a "Happy Hour" lunch buffet for all employees and lucky draws.

Speaking about these lucky draws, it was a lil bit different from those usual ones. Since the restructuring of the company, there were excessive of laptops and desktops. Therefore they'd decided to give it out to the employees by lucky draws, but each lucky person will have to donate min of RM20 for charity purpose.

BUT....we had to submit our names and details a few days ahead, but i was dumb enough to submit my name a day after the dateline. My submission was denied and i never bother to appeal, because I never believe in lucky draws.

Apparently, God sent me an angel. My submission was approved last minute because the angel appealed multiple times to the committees.

Guess what, i was the last one to submit my name but the first to called out, I GOT THE FREAKING LAPTOP! my heart was pumping faster than the roller coaster, my blood pressure has reached it's highest, i cannot believe it myself!

My colleagues who were as lucky as I am!

I gotta admit, RDT is my lucky charm. The group has 3 person and all our names were called that day.

Off topic :
It's time to show faces of my colleagues, we were in the same project.


Off off topic:
I was browsing facebook, which i usually don't unless i have nothing to do, i saw this picture which were taken in the cable car in Genting. I suddenly miss Jeewei, he's in the States now, I felt so sorry for his loss. Take goood care, my best friend :)


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My business card

I once thought that selling online don't need any business cards, because i wanted to keep it low profile, it's not a business to me, it's a hobby. But as time passes, it's popularity increases, and people started to inquires and then I've realised i need business cards.

It took me about a month to design my blog header (with the help of Pete) and i really love the greenish-blue, nature inspired theme, so i use the same design for my business card as well as tags.


after much inquires and i settled with . The price was very reasonable and the quality is good, i meant really good! I've printed 200 pieces of business cards and 1000 piece of tags. I was excited when I've the parcel arrived, business cards were very good but the tags were a little bit disappointed.

Almost half of 1000 pieces were either over-cut or under-cut, PISSED! so i sent them an email asking for reprints, after a week, i still haven't got any replies. DOUBLE PISSED. so i sent them another email, but this time they replied saying the reprints will be couriered to me in no time.

I'm happy with their service though my 1st experience with them wasn't as good as expected but i will still order from them.