Monday, July 27, 2009

Friends are made of sugar

I've been going out with YT a lot lately, and she has infected me with her ever-so-love-to-travel-everywhere virus! Because of this virus, Pete and I went to Jitra along with YM & YT, it's YM hometown by the way :)

This is a really beautiful place,with no haze, or minimum haze and bright blue sky (therefore quite hot loh!) and lots of big old trees, except that I can't find ZARA here, else it would be perfect!

Pete and I sitting under the cute little tree.

That 2 lovely ,funny couple, they're always fighting and I always think it's hilarious.

Roll roll roll your boat! 4 of us has been hanging out a lot lately, but i really enjoy their companion, like YT said, it's really not easy to love both.

YT seems to be enjoying alot, poor YM did all the paddling, i guess, not sure, i wasn't in the boat. But she looks like she's really enjoying and YM is sweating away.

My boat has flooded, and wet my pants!

Such a beautiful weather, I haven't been seeing bright blue sky in Penang Island for awhile, stupid haze!

Picture of the day!

Champion picture of the day, hilarious!

At night, we played MONOPOLY, my favourite board game of all! Though i was the 1st to eliminate out, but the game continued until 4AM! i think if its not because of YT and I were whining , both the boys might be playing until next day morning!

We went to duty free shop at the Thailand border to shop for food junkies before heading for a real Thai dinner! Pete almost bought the whole shop back.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Polymer clay matching bag charms

LinkI was pretty excited when YT ordered a marsh mallows bag charms in matching colours for her new Coach bag, i thought it was such a brilliant idea!

So i made myself 2 matching polymer clay charms for my bags too! Now, my bags are complete!


Deserts charms -Lolli in green n pink, chocolate cherry cake slide, cookie, choc chips pretzel, chocolate. ahhh...over dose of sweetness!


Just the right charms for a pink Ralph Lauren medium tote bag. Visit Stephanie's for more information.


Oh, this is totally adorable,can? I showed YT and she's tempted to buy the same bag so i can make her the matching bag charms, they look like they came with the bag!


Le Sport Sac and my matching bag charms! Oh, this bag is a steal, Parkson Gurney is having big sales!

If you're interested in customizing matching bag charms or key chain, visit Stephanie's for more information :) I will definitely be delighted to customize ur bag charms !!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A reunion trip to Genting

I remember last year this time (11th July) , I was in Kuching with the same group of friends. It was also a reunion trip, what a coincidence! We were talking that next year this time, we'll have another reunion trip, but Duncan & Khek is going for World Cup, I'm sooo jealous loh!

Anyways, this trip was planned especially for Duncan, he works in Ghana and only returns home once in a while.

Day time, in Theme Park Hotel, we were super boring after a OLD TOWN breakfast sponsored by Duncan, so we jumped !

You see, we were really bored! we took pictures again, it was after lunch at KFC. Why's on earth we ate KFC in genting?!?!

we have Sim & CC, pete and Steph, Gan & Jee with his big ass lens! Photography is an super expensive hobby, never never be tempted, you'll need to fork out few thousands ringgit just to buy the lens! Luckily my pack of polymer clay only cost me RM10

There are times i wonder why are my friends so funny?

Ugly ducklings

Steph : I'll put ur head in the microwave!"

sim : " see! i have big ass camera too!"

Heading to Awana Hotel from Genting, checking in.

Pete looks like he has 2 mini buns on his face, muhahaha!

Night time, Jaigerbomb in the making. It's a type of cocktail consist of Redbull and some South African liquor, Duncan brought it back. It tasted very nice!

I persuaded CC to drink JaigerBomb *evil grins*

Oh, I'm so tired!

Happy birthday Duncan dear!

This was the biggest cake we could find in Awana, and have to share among 7 person somemore!

Us with the birthday boy!

Steph and Duncan

Sim, don't say I'm fatter than u, it's really obvious who is fatter now!?

Gan looks so funny!

Yesterday, we met up with Duncan and the girls at Queen's Bay Nandos for dinner.


Then we went to E-Gate Starbuck for another round of bitching session, it's good to have friends who like to bitch, I likey!

Jee wei, who is leaving for US soon....I havent give him my shopping list yet, his luggage surely over weight!

My cute Pete *shy shy, blush blush*

Till then, good night everyone! I'm addicted to Twitter!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Super cute keychains

I showed them to everyone before sending them out to Candice, they're sooo cute !!




See, i never bluff one, they're really cute! I shall name them, monkey hunky and dragon barney.

Here i have a new design for ring, but i'm hesitating if i should put up for sale. It's big and bold, it will look stunning with a lil black dress :)

This ring is made out of polymer clay, exclusively handmade by me :)


Monday, July 20, 2009

New in July at Stephanie's


Looks like I've been updating Stephani's a lot in the month of July, here you go again, more pretty items. Visit STEPHANIE'S

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Bow-Wow, One Heart

Operafest Children’s Choir will be having a musical concert to raise fund for Furry Friends Farm and Animal Sanctuary in Kemuning. Million thanks to Charlotte for the reminder :)

Furry Friends Farm is involved in the Pulau Ketam Dog rescue mission. Pulau Ketam residents had transported over 400 dogs to an abandon island and left them to die of starvations, it was indeed a really really heart-aching story.I heart about it but I never had the guts to read about it, I knew that i
will defintely burst into tears. I have a very soft side for animals, especially for dogs.

It was a living hell for dogs, with no food , cold and don't have proper shelter. Leaving them like this is worse that putting them to sleep. Some dogs swam back to Pulau Ketam but was rejected and resulting drown in the sea, and half of the 400 dogs were already dead in the island.

If you have a heart, please get your tickets now, there's no fixed price for the tickets but minimum donation of RM30. If you are planning for a shopping trip on the weekends, you might want to spare part of your shopping budget to these foundations.

Concert will be held at Light Box Theater at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One, for more information about the concert, click here.and here.

See you there!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Genting trip with da Friends

It was good and fun, though we didn't do much, more like we did nothing but to hang out and drink, walked around and take pictures.

We didn't go into casino, we had our casino back in the hotel room though. Awana Genting is pooosome! The room is so spacial that we could roll from the front door to the balcony, which has a bench and fantastic view!

Awana Genting has nothing much, don't have fancy coffee shops, and the place is not crowded at all! and the best thing of all, they have WIFI everywhere, which means i can Twitter anytime, anywhere!

I have so many things to tell yet my Macbook is running out of battery, I've been going to Starbuck and Oldtown to get online because my house modem is not working!

Da friends - Gan, Jeewei, Duncan, Sim, CC (newly added), Steph, Pete (newly added)

I love this picture a lot! I think I'm gonna print it out in life size and stick it onto Pete's wardrobe

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cupcake necklace/bracelet

I wore my favourite cupcake necklace up to Genting last weekend and discover that I can wear it as bracelet as well!


more pictures of Genting later.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cupcake necklace

This is my 1st cupcake using white silicone, it's super cute!


I guess Jerine is on her way back to Aussie now, we sent her off in the morning before going to work, gosh! for the 1st time, i woke up at 630am to have breakfast but it was fun!

It's irony, I've known YT and Eunice much earlier but we weren't close until Jerine came into picture, she has put 4 of us together. It's not easy to find someone whom i've known for days and clicked immediately. Jerine is one of them :)

So yeah, i'm starting to miss her already! She gave me loads of beautiful stickers and establishments, love it! See, how could i not miss her ?

*wear of the day!


Matte white rose cabochon ring from Stephanie's I'm loving flowers a lot lately!