Monday, May 25, 2009

Moody Monday

I have tons of things to grumble, I was at Bukit Jambul Kompleks hoping to find what i wanted for a customer of mine, after searching high and low ( i've already went to Perangin mall yesterday, still couldn't get it) and i couldn't find any.

So i decided that maybe i can custom made it from a shop ( i was pretty desperate, i didn't want to disappoint my customer). I waited for almost an hour for a broken item!!!! I was super duper pissed off, i didn't noticed until i was in my car.

It was partially my fault, i didn't check properly before paying, but I've stood there for almost an hour waiting for her to finish up something that i could have possibly finish in minutes!!!


1. That very bad parking - i couldn't possibly point out any complexes parkings are as dirty as this one, the stairs are filled with cigarettes' buds and tissues, the walls, i think should be initially white became black and was remained black till now.

2. Stupid autopay machine - Autopay machine isn't stupid but how they placed it was stupid! I remembered searching ever floors for that machine and couldn't find it until i was at Ground Floor. If im not mistaken, there're only 1 autopay machine in the whole mall! at least that was the only one visible. I thought autopay should be something more convenient?!

3. long winded escalator - If you noticed, when you try to get from 1st floor to 3rd floor by escalator, you will have to walk round the mall! If you go up to 2nd floor from the left side, you will have to walk all the way to the right side in order to go up again, and same thing for each floor! I wondered who designed this, i bet his intention was to forced the crowd to walk pass each shops but in turns, it REALLY irritates me! SO INEFFICIENT & OLD FASHION!

4. unwanted stares - does the entrance of the mall smells nice ? why some people like to sit/squad at the entrance stairs/barriers !??!! I hate this the most, they will stared at you like as if they're gonna eat you! go home and stare your own wife/gf la!

5. no decent restaurant - even sushi king closed down!

6. lousy cinema - It was that lousy that i didn't know it existed until Duncan invited us for a movie there. I remember the seats cushion smells! since then i never gone in again!

7. no ventilation/air-con at top floor - i realised the sudden heat when i took the escalator up to the top floor (where Popular book store is located), there's no air-con at the top floor and i can smell smoke!!!! what is this!?!?!?!!?

8. Smelly KFC - I didn't try to eat at BJ KFC, but i will advise you to bring along a mask if you do. I almost fainted when i went in and that smell...omg! even thinking of it make me puke, i wonder how those people could sit there whole day?!

9. No ZARA - Honestly, this is nothing to do with them (even QB don't have ZARA ) but since i've already stereotype BJ, this is also one reason i don't think the mall. If they have ZARA, you might see me there often.

10. Complex spells as Kompleks - no comment on this.....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy Busy

I' ve been really busy, and i don't know why !!! I will upload pictures of Langkawi-runway holiday pretty soon ,because sorting up hundreds of pictures are tiring!

WF-Stephanie-Nikki-Sue.My favourite picture of all!

Weekend will gonna be packed, I have a couple of things to settle and few places to visit, mostly pet shops, hahaaha! Because Irene told me there's this really big pet shop in Penang, KW-PET HOUSE, which she claimed has a lot of tortoises. Peter's gonna be real happy here!

and...i'm definitely making a trip to Mainland, i wanted to get Grey's Anotomy season 5 from Sim! So sim, you better finish up S5 before i go, and please teach Lucky how to sit lah!

Anyways, I'm trilled that Sheena is coming to Penang nextweek for her training and staying over for a night at my place. We go watch movie okie dokie?

...and Duncan is coming back in July and we're in the midst of planning our little trip with "da-friends" up the hill. I just can't wait!

Thats all for lids are getting heavier...

I've baked cookies yesterday

Friday, May 15, 2009

More bracelet collection from Stephanie's

I just came back from Langkawi and it was a blast! I enjoyed to the maximum and wish to have more trips like this :) I need to readjust back to reality now, lots of things to cope and to learn.

Meanwhile, some updates on Stephanie's


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poodle puppies

Irene is interested in getting a pet doggie, we went to see the pups today, they're super duper adorable!

12052009 (3)
It's a brown curly haired poodle pup.

12052009 (2)
He look just like Jasmine when i 1st got her, except for the curly hair, Jas has straight hair.
Sorry for the blurry pictures, he won't stay still and I was using a camera phone.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I was feeling weird yesterday, I went into Crocs and felt like buying every Jibbitz they have.

3 new Jibbitz for the right Crocs

..and the older ones on the left and I'm so ready for Langkawiiiiii..!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh...I miss Jasmine so much!

I went back home again on Labour day's holiday, this time i car pooled with Sim and Pete drove. I kinda enjoyed the journey, though it was a long one.

I can't help but to post up more Jasmine's picture, i just love hugging her, she's like a piece of brown, moving, face licking fur toy.

She grew fatter because daddy loves to feed her food, especially cream crackers.

She loves her fresh clean bed, if we hasn't wash her bed for weeks, she won't even bother going in.

I love her being busy body, she will check out anything you do, make sure she don't miss any single moment, even when Sheena's doing her laundry.

She looks weird, like flying dumbo

I tied her ears with rubber band to allow better air ventilation, cockers are prone to ear infections due to droopy ears. Of course she didn't like it la, she shake it off after awhile, then i tie again, then she shake it off again, i repeated again and again until she didn't want to come near me, hahahaha! Cute little walking brown fur ball.

Yesterday was really happy, I've received a package of vintage charms from US which I've been longing for ages, it took donkey years to reach here! I'll post up pictures when i have more time ya.

I've been really busy lately, be it at work or at home, I don't seem to have enough time for myself.


I'll be in Langkawai watching sunset in the beach, reading my story book and drinking Ribena. Next week it is, I'm damn sure I need a holiday, been too busy with work and Stephanie's especially.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Poladroid Image Maker

Because of curiosity, I downloaded Poladroid Image Maker, which converts pictures into vintage like image, and i have to say, I'm addicted to it. It's so fun to play with, see my images below..



These vintage Cabochons look so vintage now, pretty isn't it? Oh, just before i forget, quite a number of people asked me where i got my clear pebbles, I bought them from Tesco, but today I found it in Art Friends in Gardens ^_^

I found E6000 craft adhesive and clear glass glue there too, no need to buy them online now, I'm so happy!
Btw, I wanted to put up some new designs up for sale in Stephanie's but Digi Wireless was a disaster, i couldn't get the pictures I guess I'll have to wait until i get back to Penang.