Sunday, December 27, 2009

Year 2009 Christmas Countdown

I’ve had a splendid night out with my buddies on Christmas eve, oh gosh, you don’t know how much I miss those ever so cheerful laughter and stupid jokes and gossips. I wish we could have Christmas dinner everyday!

Dinner was at 8pm but Pete and I reached at 9pm because I wasn’t feeling too well, and I really hate it! Why did my stomach chose to be unwell on Christmas eve night!?!?! Also for some reason, my head was spinning, so I barely eaten anything that night, it’s a buffet but I’ve only eaten 2 lettuces and 2 slices of beef with 2 glasses of orange juice.

Except for my stupid stomach, we had fun having gifts exchange.


Drawing for numbers.


Steph and Pete with our presents. The pillow comes in handy, since I’ve been complaining to Pete that he should have a pillow in his car for me to hug.


Irene with her pressie, can you see that little snowman charm?


Brian and SpongeBob SquarePants, he loves it because he’s been holding it whole night


Wendy and KianBoon, I wanted the pillow so badly, I’m gonna steal it from him.


Faye Hwei Tyng and her santa. Love the ribbon bow!


Philip with his Doreamon umbralla, it’s super cute


Alfonso got something that he will never use, or will he?


Waifun and Chowseng with their pressie.. Waifun gave me a box of DIY felt cake since she has 3 boxes, she knew I will love it ☺


Last but not least, MR. Eng Wei, I think this is the cutest and most practical pressie of all, RM20 JUSCO gift voucher.

I believe we’d had a great time and everyone loves their pressie, they’re sweet and thoughtful.


Beautiful people.


Outfit for the night, casual. I’m wearing my new pair of black flats bought from BRANDS, only RM38.


YT said...

Yer... Xmas eve I sat at home like an old maid :S

I saw the new Coach, I wan to steal, can???

Thanks for giving me a new friend Puffy :P

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thats y i called up and asked why u so boring, * sarcastic * hahahaa! don't angry k?

Yerrrr,don't steal mine la, u have urs already and something even better coming!

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