Sunday, December 27, 2009

Starbucks for Christmas

I am a coffee maniac , especially for Starbucks, I love hanging out with friends at Starbucks and I love their coffee so much that I am addicted to it! Only if my company has Starbucks, Nescafe will never be in my list.

This year, I dragged YT and YM to have Starbucks with me and she's now addicted to its Greentea. I'm evil am i? I also bought a few things from Starbucks for Christmas.

DSC_0058 copy
A pair of mugs, 2 limited edition Starbucks ornaments, and my favourite Starbucks 2010 organizer.

I bought these mugs for Pete for Christmas.

Starbuck mug = RM25 per piece

These ornaments are limited, purchased with 2 Christmas grante drinks.

Starbucks Limited edition ornament =RM6 per piece (with 2 Christmas drinks)


My favourite Starbucks 2010 organizer, redeemed with 11 stamps.


Pictures taken by Nikon D90


YT said...

starbucks!!! I wan greentea! All ur fault, all ur fault... Where is ur secret present? I wan to see la.

Stephanie meiyu said...

lets greentea when i get back! my secret pressie pictures are with pete la, he don't want to send to me!