Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Purple Wednesday

I always get really busy when Christmas is near, and also because I have a few wedding invitations at different states..phew! In addition with the over whelming orders from GetHooked* , I have so little time for myself, which i hate it. But....I've earned some extras to pamper myself this Christmas.


Bought myself a hairband with huge satin purple flower from Forever 21 and love it!But, the only thing is when i wear it, it became like this! NOT what i imagine it would be!

So i glued it a bit here and there,


Tadahh!!! it's so every bits of it!


Violet satin flower hairband :Forever21 ,RM15

Sheena and I went to the Coach at Gardens last weekend to shop for her birthday pressie. We went crazy when we realized there was a sales and it was a big one! Ok, i was exaggerating, i'm not a huge fan for Coach and i never went into a Coach shop before.


I bought myself an early Christmas pressie from Coach, it's violet and I'm crazy for purple. I just couldn't resist, the bag was begging me to bring her home, so i took her home loooh!


It's a sling bag! so pretty! I bought one for myself, another one for Sheena but in dark brown instead.

Signature sling bag in violet : Coach, RM490


La Senza was having store wide 30% sales a couple of weeks ago at Queensbay and i bought myself a pastel purple bra with a matching panty, no! i'm not gonna show u my bra n panty, just the paper bag will do. YT bought one set too, kekeke!

Matching Bra & panty : La Senza ,RM89



Jerine said...

oi...why never show what u bought from la senza?

Stephanie meiyu said...

i shy shy.......keke!

YT said...

@Jerine I know how her bra looks like... somemore know her size ler. Muahahah!

@Steph Nice sling. I want!

Stephanie meiyu said...

issshhh...YT, i know ur size too!

Yvonne Yong said...

purple is goood!!!! hahaha i think it's purple everyday for me @_@

Stephanie meiyu said...

i super love purple!

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