Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peter's Birthday surprise at Hard Rock Cafe

YT and I have been preparing for Pete's big day since months ago, our initial plan was to surprise him with a birthday party at home, but decided otherwise because Hard Rock Cafe is way cooler!


Jerine joined us with the preparation. On Christmas day, we went to Queens Bay Mall (aka kooibehmoh) to shop for dresses for the night and headed to YT's to customized/DIY our party hats.


We'd made a hat specially for the birthday boy with his name on it and ornaments.


After everything was done, we drove to Hard Rock Hotel to put down the birthday cake and the party hats because we didn't want Pete to know, it was a surprise! He thought it was just a christmas dinner.

Hard Rock Hotel is about 30 mins drive from Yt's but we took almost 2 hours to reach, because of the stupid car accident, there was a terrible jam along Bt. Ferringhi !!! All three of us were dead hungry by the time everything was done, we'd gone mad in the car and were super grampy.

YT complained i'm driving like a snail, but I'm driving Kambla and i never drove in Balik Pulau before!! Jerine and YT were shouting and scolding everyone on the road, mad style indeed!

So yeah, was suppose to be home before 5pm, but we reached home at 6 something and had to be ready in an hour's time!


Jerine convinced me to buy this, she said every girl should have a pair of red shoes, it's an investment, haha! Do you have a pair?!

Aldo red pumps =RM 226

Dress code of the night, printed tube dress from Kitchen. I kinda love it, very different from my style.

Printed tube dress from Kitchen : RM80.90


We had fun and I bet Pete had fun too! The whole cafe's sang him Birthday song and the band infront dedicated another birthday song to him, syok la!


Pete looked like Fairy's God Mother, wasn't he? hahahha!


He was forced to wear the party hat whole night.


Jerine wasn't happy because she don't have her name on her hat.


YT was really happy with her balloon. One balloon can buy her up already, so easy!


Now she wants my balloon pulak!


Dear Peter,

Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true! I hope you like the cake, it was a gift from YT and Jerine. Oh, not forgetting your PS3 partner + boyfriend ,YM, he bought you a SouthPark DVD very much earlier.


Thats all for now, until I get more pictures from YM's big ass camera.

Pictures taken by Panasonic Lumix FS62


YT said...

So happy it turned out to be a blast!

Oh, and Peter's bf aka YM wasn't happy cos he got himself another secret admirer- The gayish Black Santa :P

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaaha!!! Peter has lots of boyfriends ya? i'm jeles!