Sunday, December 06, 2009

My early birthday pressie


I dreamt for a DLSR for years..


..and my dream comes true!


This is my biggest birthday pressie!



It's so big and heavy, so i named it Donkey.


in the box, we have D90 camera body, 18-105mm kit lens, battery charger.

Nikon D90 : RM3950


Me and my pressie...oh, my face is so pale! That's because I've been sleeping for less than 4 hours everyday for the past few weeks.


I am so excited and I can't sleep at night! Been toying around with it, but the pictures turned out to be worse than my LUMIX. I need to get a" SLR for Dummies" , i wonder if they have it in the bookstore ....mmmm...mmm...


Thank you dear Pete for the best birthday pressie ever (aside from those daddy gave me).

Off Topic:

1. my eye bags are biggest now for the past 25 years.
2.spent RM700 for facial n products to fix my eyebags n dark circles, but it's not working, damn it!
3. I slept less than 4 hours daily since beginning of November.
4. Going for a road trip down to Batu Pahat next week.
5. Celebrating Christmas with YM, YT, Jerine and Pete at Hard Rock .

Pictures taken with :PANASONIC LUMIX FS62


meisiang said...

wow..nice pressie~!!
welcome to da nikon family :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

thanks meisiang :) I still have sooooo much to learn.

YT said...

Yer... Jealous. My bday is nearer but I still din get pressie, how come u... how come?!?!?!

eunice said...

D90! Wanted it too!!! But so expensive :(

Stephanie meiyu said...

YT, thats because u can't make up ur mind which one u want, keekkee!! i wish i can go shopping for your birthday pressie..

Stephanie meiyu said...

Eunice, ei? i thought u've already bought ur camera?

Yealoh, i think D90 is a bit pricey too.

Ciyou said...

woh~~ u got yourself a new camera
I'm still saving $$ to buy one... Wanted a d90 so much but really dont have so much $$ :(

Stephanie meiyu said...

but i don't think u need a D90 to take good pictures, a normal one is nice enough and a bit of photoshop, they're good to go! Photoshop is very important, increase the contrast and brightness ..