Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm still alive, just a little heavier

I've been telling everybody that Penang + Pete is evil, because they're the main culprit to my growing weight! For the past 10 years, my weight has been very consistent, never 1KG more neither 1KG less, but I've gain 6KG in 2 years since I've moved to Penang.

6KG in 2 years is very scary !! Imagine, if i gain that amount of weight in 2 years, then after 20 years, I'll be 60KG extra!

I never had a weighing scale at home, because i can't find a reason why i should have one, now i think i really need one!

*Dear Santa,

I want a Osim Uscale & Ukimono in purple into my sock on Christmas Eve.

stephanie F. *
Here's the proof of my weight, no, i don't mind telling the world of my weight, because I just don't mind la, Don't ask so much!
..and only 164cm in height, still Ok! but it won't be ok after 20 years, i'll be 116KG!
there's a few reasons to my growing weight,
1. Suppers
2. lack of daily exercise. Everyday sit in the office and never move an inch for 8 hours, sure fat la !
3. lack of sleep and stressful. Makes me eat more.
From today's onwards, please don't call up Steph for supper, I will not entertain, unless special circumstances.


YT said...

I hv a feeling... that the last sentence is for me *hmm* but I guess my mamak sessions are considered "special circumstances* :D

Btw, u maintained that 6kg for the past 2 years, so I guess, u will still be the same after 20 years lar. Chill!!!

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaa~!!!! its for you la, who else will call me up at 12 midnight and threaten me to go supper??? kekek!!

But i still love you :)

Anonymous said...

hi stephanie.. i was finding for polymer clay supplier in penang.. but then, i found your blog.. i've searched around penang island, couldnt find shop that selling it.. where you bought it btw? greatly appreciate your help.. ^.^ have a nice day..

Edvin Phang said...

Hey, I don't see "no time" nor "lazy" in the list of reasons!
Not bad~

Stephanie meiyu said...

oh, i forgot to add that, hahaahaa!! but i'm going to gym again, trying to shake some fats off my butt