Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little updates

I have so much to tell but i don't have time to blog about them. I'm so packed with the over whelming response on Get Hooked* Collections , which turn out to be really unexpected!

THANKKIU!!! my lovely customers, you know who you are :) and a biggest hug to my Marketing/Publicity/PublicRelation/HumanResource/Creative/InformationTechnology Director, YT!

Little previews on what's coming next,

1. Seafood trip to Pulau Aman
2. Layout Team building at Penang Water sports centre
3. The kite flying experience with Sim!
4. Get Hooked series on garden theme...
5. The horrifying police experience after midnight, i promise u that this was worse than not having your IC in a roadblock, this was simply.....dramatic!

I hope i can get them done before my trip back home,why i never have enough time for everything!

Dear God,
Please show me your almighty power by granting me 48 hours per day instead of 24 only.

1 comment:

YT said...

U r just so greedy. God gives u 24 hrs and u requested for twice as much? Argh... *kick ass*

U r most welcome. It's so fun playing with u and we do make a great team huh?