Friday, October 09, 2009

My new purse

I was in the office pretty early today, and i don't feel sleepy though I've slept like..less than 5 hours. Office was quiet and I thought, why not i show off my new purse and passport holder YT got it for me when she was in Edinburgh.

They're very special, because you can't get it anywhere in the world but in Scotland, it's a local brand which uses original Scottish tartan. Ness is its brand name

Coin purse

nesspassport2 nesspassport
Passport holder

ps: pictures were taken with Canon PowerShot A540


YT said...

Omg, they look effing cute in photos! I regret not buying anything now :( Hmmph!

Gonna steal yours soon!

Stephanie meiyu said...

no! u can't steal them or else i'll steal ur VS

Vivien said...


how do you take photos with no shadows, it looks really nice, some special lighting?

stephanie said...

hi vivien, thank you for your compliments :) I've used a light box which reduce shadow, a bit of photoshopping will do :)