Monday, September 28, 2009

Stephanie's featured in Fashionista1001

A very big thank you to Fashionista1001 who took the effort to featured me in their ever so lovely blog.

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off topic:
Life been a little busy lately, with work and friends. I've visited Sim's handsome golden retriever, Lucky last Sunday, he's so fluffy and tough! after such long while since my last visit to him, apparently he still remembers me. He's such a cutie, every time he sees someone, he'll pick up his tennis ball and waiting to play. I don't have pictures of him, because he's jumping and running and shaking all the time, never for once he's still, HOW TO TAKE PICTURES LEH?

Anyway, after the sweating game with Lucky, Sim, Pete and I went for Gamer which i slept during half way of the movie, gosh! U better don't waste your money on that movie, such a lousy movie!

Then we went to fly the kite at the beach, it was freaking fun! I bet i'll do that another time, will upload the pictures once I get the picture from Sim :)


Jerine said...


OMG. I love golden retriever

Stephanie meiyu said...

thanks jerine! Golden is super friendly that makes them a poor guard dog :(

Ciyou said...

take video