Saturday, September 12, 2009

Polymer clay accessories

I was so busy last month, trying to clear off all my polymer clay orders. and making polymer clay will usually take up half day, thats y i usually clear off my orders on weekends only, but now that my orders are piling up and i have to work on weekdays.

Pictures galore,

This are for a baby girl's one year old birthday party's goodie bags.

Cellphone charms in cookie and mini cupcakes.

Necklaces in pastel colour cupcake charms.

Lollipop charm.

This one is for the birthday girl, to make it a lil bit special, i've added a number 1 charm.

Next, it's Eunice's Happy Tree Friends keychain.

I don't remember whats her name but she's surely a cute lil yellow bunny.

Now, i'm gonna show u the master piece of YT and mine....(i helped a lil only, she did most of it)

No, this not the master piece, only the accessories.

Now this is it, we took 3-4 hours to complete them and really satisfied with the result. They're YT's cousin's wedding gift.

They're just too cute to give away, but i'm sure they'll be really happy.

I gave this beautiful necklace to YT to go with her dress. Made with gold brass swallow charm with a really beautiful ash gray glass briollete on a imported brass copper chain in antique gold finish . You can get the necklace from Stephanie's


Jerine said...

I love the happy tree friends one! you should make the whole family characters

stephanie said...

wah, how to make the whole family, very hard :) but it'll be really cute huh?

YT said...

Steph!!!! I miss u, do u miss me???

Anyway, guess what my cousin loves the keychains!!!

And... the most incredible thing of all... I am wearing a sheer black dress with golden trimming to the wedding so the necklace fits PERFECTLY! I am so happy~~~

stephanie said...

Hey YT!! you're online!!! suddenly feels weird not having someone to go for movie, tomorrow will be weirder, because there will not be anyone emailing me!

wow, thats great! i made it that y so it'll be fits every outfit :) enjoy urself

Ciyou said...

cool~~ seing u to have more clay collection on your art work

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thanks ciyou :) i really really love your fruit tarts collection too :)