Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My business card

I once thought that selling online don't need any business cards, because i wanted to keep it low profile, it's not a business to me, it's a hobby. But as time passes, it's popularity increases, and people started to inquires and then I've realised i need business cards.

It took me about a month to design my blog header (with the help of Pete) and i really love the greenish-blue, nature inspired theme, so i use the same design for my business card as well as tags.


after much inquires and i settled with . The price was very reasonable and the quality is good, i meant really good! I've printed 200 pieces of business cards and 1000 piece of tags. I was excited when I've the parcel arrived, business cards were very good but the tags were a little bit disappointed.

Almost half of 1000 pieces were either over-cut or under-cut, PISSED! so i sent them an email asking for reprints, after a week, i still haven't got any replies. DOUBLE PISSED. so i sent them another email, but this time they replied saying the reprints will be couriered to me in no time.

I'm happy with their service though my 1st experience with them wasn't as good as expected but i will still order from them.


YT said...

The mini size namecards are cute :) Love them!

Err... I m bringing Steph's products to overseas, can we consider opening a new market there?

I don't mind to be stationed there as ur sales and marketing director :D

Jerine said...

Nice nice nice....

Eunice said...

I like the cards. Give me some to pass around :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

YT : yes yes, but how?

Jerine : it's really convenient, remember to do it for your new blogshop too

Eunice : sure thing!

merovinq said...

Might I suggest using in the future, they print my business cards and I am happy each time they arrive in the mail and they are very cost competitive as well.

Stephanie meiyu said...

thanks merovinq, will check them out :)

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