Monday, September 14, 2009

Roototes shopper

The usage of eco bags has been increasing in Malaysia as the government urges us to reduce the usage of plastic bags. I have always been the biggest fan of environmental friendly items, I love to revamp old items and make them new again.

I remember how I was crazy over an eco-bag from Starbuck and drank 12 coffees to redeem it. Cute eco-bags are irresistible, especially when i saw Roo-shopper from Roototes.


This is the cutest shoppers I've ever seen, with lots of different fancy prints and the exact shape of a plastic bags you usually saw in the supermarket, except that this is reuse-able.*notice the pink cupcake*

*Pictures credit to Evy&Yng Gallery.
Roo-shopper comes in 3 size, large, medium and small. I personally prefers smaller shopper.


These are among my favourites designs, animals make me happy.


Roo-shopper can be folded into a smaller bag and kept in your handbag.


Apart from shopper bags, RooTotes also offers different canvas tote bags. Roo- carriage is their newest design, it is a bag organizer.

When I use bigger bags, the biggest problem is that I always can't find my things, but with roo-carriage, I won't be taking hours to find my keys, or my ipod or my hand cream or what-so-ever. Besides, when i switch to another bag, all i need to do is to pull out my Roo-carriage and put it into the other bag, no messy things lying around the table anymore. So nice isn't it? but.............i don't have a roo-carriage.


I am dying for this! Any kind-hearted sponsors out there?


Harrods shopper is in my list too, I love it's elegant and classic design and it's so typical yet special. I wanted to get the Westie Shoppers from KLCC but since YT is in London now, I put these 2 into my shopping list for her. Ever since i brought her to Harrods in KLCC, she's in love with it too.


YT said i am a real shopaholic, i can spent hundreds of ringgit without even stepping foot into Europe. Ness is a local brand from Scotland, I'm in love with it tartan checks design and what makes it special is that it is only sold in UK. Since YT will be going to Edinburgh, I've put a few Ness into the shopping list.

Looks like YT's luggage will be occupied by my stuffs..oh btw, YT dear, if you're reading this, I wanted red buses and nut crackers..*evil grins* if you don't buy me those, I'll take away your LCD TV and PS3, muahahahaa! yes, I'm threatening u.


YT said...

YT dear is here and she saw ur threat but she is not bothered... Muahaha!

Ei, I did see loads of red buses but not nut crackers... weird right? I haven't done any shopping for souvenirs yet. I might do it after returning from Scotland.

Hell, things are expensive here after converting to RM :(

Stephanie meiyu said...

YT: i suppose so, sterling pound is expensive loh! nvm about the red busses and nut cracker, i'm joking anyway. I have red busses collection afterall :)

enjoy urself and take loads of stupid pictures. I suppose london eye is so much better that eye of malaysia, right?

Jerine said...

oi...stop shopping lah! keep money for holiday plan to see me!