Friday, September 18, 2009


You know how people say that you can’t be friend with both the boyfriend and girl, but I’m lucky enough to have a few couple friends whom I really adore and truly enjoy their company.


I’ve known Yung Ming for ages, we were housemates back then but now he has his apartment they called it their warm nest. Ever since I’ve met YT, we clicked immediately and now YT and I were closer than YM and I, we talked about everything under the sun, we bitch about bitches, and we laughed to stupid jokes and watch movies every week.


They’re really cute, they love to fight with each other but don’t be wrong, they express their love that way, which I always laugh whenever they fight, can’t help it :)


Alfonso and WF are my colleagues, WF was my cube mate back then but since the restructuring of the company, we were arranged to different place now. Our friendship started when they invited Pete and I to open water diving course in Redang., then to Phuket and Langkawai.


One thing in common that we have is that both our partners are working in the same company; all 4 of us are working in the same company.


Sim has been my best friend forever and I remember how I always scolded him for not having a girlfriend sooner. Now that she has CC and I’m so proud of him, because CC is a really sweet girl. I’ve only met CC once (in Duncan’s birthday trip to Genting), but I really like her, and she’s friendly too. Sim was reluctant on bringing her out to his friends because he was afraid that she couldn’t click, but I guess he was wrong!


Both of them are very sweet, I could get diabetes by merely looking at them. It was fun having them around,


Last but not lease the champion couple of all! Happily ever after


YT said...

Aww... that's sweet of u... All of them (including u and pete) are lovey dovey except YM and me :(


Stephanie meiyu said...

which part of u and ym in the picture don't look lovey dovey? u tell me! u tell me...kekeke!! u r lovey dovey in such a unique way, muahah!

mer mer said...

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