Friday, September 11, 2009

Blessings in disguise

I never believe in lucky draws, because i never had any luck!

Work has been a roller coaster ride ever since the company filed bankruptcy protection, but things has been going back on track and our morale is recovering as well. Weeks ago, my company sorta had a "Happy Hour" lunch buffet for all employees and lucky draws.

Speaking about these lucky draws, it was a lil bit different from those usual ones. Since the restructuring of the company, there were excessive of laptops and desktops. Therefore they'd decided to give it out to the employees by lucky draws, but each lucky person will have to donate min of RM20 for charity purpose.

BUT....we had to submit our names and details a few days ahead, but i was dumb enough to submit my name a day after the dateline. My submission was denied and i never bother to appeal, because I never believe in lucky draws.

Apparently, God sent me an angel. My submission was approved last minute because the angel appealed multiple times to the committees.

Guess what, i was the last one to submit my name but the first to called out, I GOT THE FREAKING LAPTOP! my heart was pumping faster than the roller coaster, my blood pressure has reached it's highest, i cannot believe it myself!

My colleagues who were as lucky as I am!

I gotta admit, RDT is my lucky charm. The group has 3 person and all our names were called that day.

Off topic :
It's time to show faces of my colleagues, we were in the same project.


Off off topic:
I was browsing facebook, which i usually don't unless i have nothing to do, i saw this picture which were taken in the cable car in Genting. I suddenly miss Jeewei, he's in the States now, I felt so sorry for his loss. Take goood care, my best friend :)



Eunice said...

Lucky you to get the laptop. Biz laptop are usually very lasting :D

YT said...

Wow... u looked TINY among ur colleagues. So tiny, like a mousie. Hahaha.

Lucky mousie~~~

Stephanie meiyu said...

eunice : you're so right, biz laptop are very lasting, and very bulky and very heavy and very not stylish and very not i gave it to my daddy.

YT: oh, i didn't realised it until u said it, both of them are slightly bigger size than usual guys, thats y i look small, besides, i stood behind and looked smaller.

Jerine said...

Whoa...Congrats! Congrats! I also never win anything from lucky draw before. I think I must nag at my angel more now.

Jerine said...

Oh I almost forgot. I have a business proposal to discuss with you.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Jerine : yea, pretend to be very kelian and so...he'll help :) what business proposal?

Ciyou said...

gosh~~ u are so lucky...