Friday, August 14, 2009

You know I'm bored

I've been going out so much with YT and YM and i don't know why, can you tell me? The feeling is good, like I just got another 2 fabulous housemates, except we don't sleep together, i feel like we live together, yes?

Especially this week, where Pete and I go to their warm nest for dinner every evening! and i asked YT for dinner's menu everyday, so fun right? I always thought she can't cook, and i'm not joking, i really thought she can't cook but you'll surprise that her cooking is comparable with the chefs in the restaurants, it's good!

*I thought I'm supposed to have light diet for dinner! * It's all her fault!

Off topic, here's a list of newly updated items at Stephanie's


Interesting facts :

1. Jerine tipu me that she'd gone to Japan *box her* but I let you go, sine i miss you so much!
2. YT, YM, Pete and I are addicted to ToyHome and Streetfighter.
3. I almost puke watching District 9, never ever watch that movie if you're not strong enough.
4. Duncan gets nose bleed seeing a girl snores in her pyjamas, weirdo!
5. Dave thinks my favour for him in HTML coding is tedious, so he pretended he don't know and tell me he is pretending, he's so cute! *sarcastic *
6. I'm living in fantasy after watching Gung, korean drama call Palace.
7. Grandma is discharged from SJMC and now resting back at home, i pray for her speedy recovery, and i'm going back home to celebrate her birthday.
8. Jasmine is infected with ticks and fleas overnight, we can't explain that, since dad check her every day.


Jerine said...

I told you dont trust everything I write online right?

Good to hear that your grandma is back home. Hope that she'll feel much better now.

YT said...

I told you I can cook! Hmmph! But I seriously don't like cooking that much.

Hehe, actually I think I see you and Peter more than my housemate :P Let's play more ToyHome. It's super addictive!

Jerine Lay is a big penipu! Hahaha~

Glad to know that your granny is ok :) That is such a good news.

Stephanie meiyu said...

jerine : i thought that applies to your blog only, you never mention not to trust ur twitter as well, hhrrmmp!

yt: oh, don't worry, YM loves to cook, just stand back and give him instructions

thanks girl, my granny is recovering

Duncan said...

4. What weirdo..its super cute ok ? Hehehehe