Thursday, August 06, 2009

Steph's thoughts of the month

Time flies isn't it? It has been 2 years since i came to work in Penang, and I miss home so much! Last weekend, grandma was admitted to SJMC, I went to the hospital to see grandma was lying on bed and can't speak a word clearly, i felt like crying! She looked exactly like mom 5 years ago, and reminds me of all the days I’d spent with mommy in the hospital before she passed away :(

I knew grandma will pull through this time, because i just knew she is as tough as mommy, I just knew! She complained stomach pain on Saturday midnight, uncle Daniel sent her to the SJMC and doctor suggested a surgery as the scan showed that there was some blockage activity in her small intestine. Doctor Foo ( their family doctor) constantly reminded us that this surgery is at extremely high risk due to her age, everyone came back, even my 2nd uncle drove all the way back from Penang. We made it like it might be her last day, the feeling was terrible.

After a few hours of operation, she pulled through and will soon become healthy once again!

Grandma’s reminded me of mommy, I have already moved on but I still think of her all the time. I miss her dearly, every time I listen to “That day you went away, by M2M”, I felt like crying! I was listening to this song during the last few days she was with me, the lyrics speaks my heart.

I was a mommy’s girl; I was so close to mommy that I practically called her everyday when I was studying in Malacca. Now I wish someone could call to ask how's my day and any special thing happened. I seriously miss her so badly, and I know everyone miss her too, she was someone special, she was the best thing that had happened in me, and I know she felt the same too!

I love you, mommy!


YT said...

Mums are the best.

Sweetie, I am proud of you, and I am sure your mum is proud of u too. U've pulled it through the tough time, you have stood up confidently and there's nothing more comforting for a mother to know that her daughter is healthy, happy and fine.

She might not be able to call you daily but I am sure, no matter where she is, she's always loving you.


Eunice said...

Everytime you write about your mum, my heart ache a little.

Maybe it's the thought that as we grow older, our parents grow older and older too... makes me appreciate everyone around me... alot.

candice said...

Cheer up dear! Look forward and everyone is just beside you k!