Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sickly movie night

After a nice home cooked dinner at YT's, and played ToyHome while waiting for YM to get bathed, we headed to Queens bay for movie, our initial plan was to watch " Aliens in the Attics", it was a kids movie which YT and i thought it'll be stupid and fun to watch.

Upon arrival of GSC, YM said that District 9 will be nicer and since it has so many positive reviews, we switched to District 9 instead of the kiddy movie.

I was expecting a lot! I thought it's something to do with war and aliens attack, but no....


why? because the camera movement/angle was terrible! it didn't looks like an ordinary movie, i felt like i'm watching documentary, just that it's in a bigger screen. Imagine someone shakes your head from right to left, then up and down and repeats 100 times, how can you not be dizzy!

I felt like vomiting, and my eyes were seeing white circles, i felt so awfully sick inside! Why can't they just f**king shoot something ordinary? like not to move the camera so much, it's not that hard , right right right??

When i saw YT and Ym went out, i ran out too! YT felt the same, she thought she was sick and thought she was the only one, but in fact, there were couples walked out before us.

The movie's great, the graphic and story line are undeniably good, but just the camera.


YT said...

KNS! I tot I was not feeling well. My head spinning, I felt suffocated and wanna puke.

If you did not come out I will thought it's MY prob @.@

I kinda hoped that I can watch the ending, it's a pity becos it's such a good story~ BUT HECK, I seriously dunwan puke on the head of the one sitting in front lar!

Stephanie meiyu said...

gosh, i thought u were alright too, so i didn't want to go out because i don't want to spoil the mood.

I felt so glad u walked out, or else i would have puked inside!

pete wikipedia-ed the ending, that guy has fully transformed into a complete alien and helped the prawns to return their home, he lived in district 9 while waiting for the aliens to return with the cure -THE END-