Monday, August 17, 2009

Jasimini -The pet doggie

The picture were taken in Port Dickson on a Christmas 2 years ago, time flies ! I miss bring her to out on a car ride, i miss seeing her trying to stick her head out so she could feel the wind...i just miss her!


Interesting facts,

1. Pete claimed her name is JA-SA-MINI COOPER, of so many things, he relate my pretty pet doggie to a car, so irrelevant !
2. Jas'es yellow rubber duckie is still her favourite toy, she loves to bring it back to her bed.
3. I am going back to see her this weekend, yippie!


YT said...

Awww~ I can't wait to meet Ja-sa-mini cooper :)

She is very cute. She looks soft and innocent.

Jerine said...

ur dog is super cute! can loan me for one day? i'll introduce her to henry.

Stephanie meiyu said...

YT : she's very very naughty, don't be cheated with her innocent look.

Jerine : can, but i'm afraid she'll bite Henry, she hates cats.