Sunday, August 30, 2009

Girl's Vitamin

Just a quick updates on Girl's Vitamin..


Personally, I think their choices of fashion are simple and elegant, I've bought a few from them and i love it.

Now, they're giving out free mask! All you need to do is to featured them in your blog or facebook and you'll get a free mask and 10% discount when u purchase anything from them.

gv flyers front2

Start shopping now!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jasimini -The pet doggie

The picture were taken in Port Dickson on a Christmas 2 years ago, time flies ! I miss bring her to out on a car ride, i miss seeing her trying to stick her head out so she could feel the wind...i just miss her!


Interesting facts,

1. Pete claimed her name is JA-SA-MINI COOPER, of so many things, he relate my pretty pet doggie to a car, so irrelevant !
2. Jas'es yellow rubber duckie is still her favourite toy, she loves to bring it back to her bed.
3. I am going back to see her this weekend, yippie!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Best Overall E-Site Look Award by BFF


I'm trilled and honoured to have awarded with this award by BFF, though i didn't do much fancy design to Stephanie's but i just wanna say a million thanks to everyone who has been voted for me! click here for more information about the award.

"Personally, I have to say I love her items available at her e-site. The little things that dangle here and there. The chains and ribbons and beads and charms. Love her designs. Pictures are always very clear and are displayed huge enough for visitors to view details clearly. Although her layout is simple but it is nice on the eye and focuses a lot on the most important things - all the trinkets on sale!! " -by Miss E. from BFF

Friday, August 14, 2009

You know I'm bored

I've been going out so much with YT and YM and i don't know why, can you tell me? The feeling is good, like I just got another 2 fabulous housemates, except we don't sleep together, i feel like we live together, yes?

Especially this week, where Pete and I go to their warm nest for dinner every evening! and i asked YT for dinner's menu everyday, so fun right? I always thought she can't cook, and i'm not joking, i really thought she can't cook but you'll surprise that her cooking is comparable with the chefs in the restaurants, it's good!

*I thought I'm supposed to have light diet for dinner! * It's all her fault!

Off topic, here's a list of newly updated items at Stephanie's


Interesting facts :

1. Jerine tipu me that she'd gone to Japan *box her* but I let you go, sine i miss you so much!
2. YT, YM, Pete and I are addicted to ToyHome and Streetfighter.
3. I almost puke watching District 9, never ever watch that movie if you're not strong enough.
4. Duncan gets nose bleed seeing a girl snores in her pyjamas, weirdo!
5. Dave thinks my favour for him in HTML coding is tedious, so he pretended he don't know and tell me he is pretending, he's so cute! *sarcastic *
6. I'm living in fantasy after watching Gung, korean drama call Palace.
7. Grandma is discharged from SJMC and now resting back at home, i pray for her speedy recovery, and i'm going back home to celebrate her birthday.
8. Jasmine is infected with ticks and fleas overnight, we can't explain that, since dad check her every day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sickly movie night

After a nice home cooked dinner at YT's, and played ToyHome while waiting for YM to get bathed, we headed to Queens bay for movie, our initial plan was to watch " Aliens in the Attics", it was a kids movie which YT and i thought it'll be stupid and fun to watch.

Upon arrival of GSC, YM said that District 9 will be nicer and since it has so many positive reviews, we switched to District 9 instead of the kiddy movie.

I was expecting a lot! I thought it's something to do with war and aliens attack, but no....


why? because the camera movement/angle was terrible! it didn't looks like an ordinary movie, i felt like i'm watching documentary, just that it's in a bigger screen. Imagine someone shakes your head from right to left, then up and down and repeats 100 times, how can you not be dizzy!

I felt like vomiting, and my eyes were seeing white circles, i felt so awfully sick inside! Why can't they just f**king shoot something ordinary? like not to move the camera so much, it's not that hard , right right right??

When i saw YT and Ym went out, i ran out too! YT felt the same, she thought she was sick and thought she was the only one, but in fact, there were couples walked out before us.

The movie's great, the graphic and story line are undeniably good, but just the camera.

Friday, August 07, 2009

August Updates

Yah! more updates in Stephanie's



Thursday, August 06, 2009

Steph's thoughts of the month

Time flies isn't it? It has been 2 years since i came to work in Penang, and I miss home so much! Last weekend, grandma was admitted to SJMC, I went to the hospital to see grandma was lying on bed and can't speak a word clearly, i felt like crying! She looked exactly like mom 5 years ago, and reminds me of all the days I’d spent with mommy in the hospital before she passed away :(

I knew grandma will pull through this time, because i just knew she is as tough as mommy, I just knew! She complained stomach pain on Saturday midnight, uncle Daniel sent her to the SJMC and doctor suggested a surgery as the scan showed that there was some blockage activity in her small intestine. Doctor Foo ( their family doctor) constantly reminded us that this surgery is at extremely high risk due to her age, everyone came back, even my 2nd uncle drove all the way back from Penang. We made it like it might be her last day, the feeling was terrible.

After a few hours of operation, she pulled through and will soon become healthy once again!

Grandma’s reminded me of mommy, I have already moved on but I still think of her all the time. I miss her dearly, every time I listen to “That day you went away, by M2M”, I felt like crying! I was listening to this song during the last few days she was with me, the lyrics speaks my heart.

I was a mommy’s girl; I was so close to mommy that I practically called her everyday when I was studying in Malacca. Now I wish someone could call to ask how's my day and any special thing happened. I seriously miss her so badly, and I know everyone miss her too, she was someone special, she was the best thing that had happened in me, and I know she felt the same too!

I love you, mommy!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Proposal

File:The Proposal.jpg