Thursday, July 02, 2009

Theophila baby


She's a friend's baby daughter, so cuuuuutteeeee! I want also laa..please? She smile every time i call her name.." Theophilaaaa.....Theophila girl.....""


Eunice said...

hahahha, u want one??? go make one ok? :P by 28yo.

but she's really cute!
her head is so round :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaa!1 not only her head is round, her whole body also round round one, very cute, and she likes to stare at people, her eyes really big! She'll be a very pretty girl

Janice said...

WOw.. cant imagine that Theophila is so big now. Babies grow very fast! It's just 4 months and already so much difference.

YT said...

Cutie babies! *Lurve* Daughters are way better than sons! I insist!

stephanie said...

Janice :yeap, now she can make all sorts of funny faces.

YT :I agree, especially when we can dress them up like princess!