Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A reunion trip to Genting

I remember last year this time (11th July) , I was in Kuching with the same group of friends. It was also a reunion trip, what a coincidence! We were talking that next year this time, we'll have another reunion trip, but Duncan & Khek is going for World Cup, I'm sooo jealous loh!

Anyways, this trip was planned especially for Duncan, he works in Ghana and only returns home once in a while.

Day time, in Theme Park Hotel, we were super boring after a OLD TOWN breakfast sponsored by Duncan, so we jumped !

You see, we were really bored! we took pictures again, it was after lunch at KFC. Why's on earth we ate KFC in genting?!?!

we have Sim & CC, pete and Steph, Gan & Jee with his big ass lens! Photography is an super expensive hobby, never never be tempted, you'll need to fork out few thousands ringgit just to buy the lens! Luckily my pack of polymer clay only cost me RM10

There are times i wonder why are my friends so funny?

Ugly ducklings

Steph : I'll put ur head in the microwave!"

sim : " see! i have big ass camera too!"

Heading to Awana Hotel from Genting, checking in.

Pete looks like he has 2 mini buns on his face, muhahaha!

Night time, Jaigerbomb in the making. It's a type of cocktail consist of Redbull and some South African liquor, Duncan brought it back. It tasted very nice!

I persuaded CC to drink JaigerBomb *evil grins*

Oh, I'm so tired!

Happy birthday Duncan dear!

This was the biggest cake we could find in Awana, and have to share among 7 person somemore!

Us with the birthday boy!

Steph and Duncan

Sim, don't say I'm fatter than u, it's really obvious who is fatter now!?

Gan looks so funny!

Yesterday, we met up with Duncan and the girls at Queen's Bay Nandos for dinner.


Then we went to E-Gate Starbuck for another round of bitching session, it's good to have friends who like to bitch, I likey!

Jee wei, who is leaving for US soon....I havent give him my shopping list yet, his luggage surely over weight!

My cute Pete *shy shy, blush blush*

Till then, good night everyone! I'm addicted to Twitter!


Jerine said...

Actually photography is much cheaper hobby than yours lor. although a few thousand for one lens. but it's once and for all. not like your polymer clay. finish d must buy one.

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha, quite true also, but then how to use up to few thousands ringgit of polymer clay, it's scary!

YT said...

Haiz, my hobby is to sleep. This don't cost much :)

Stephanie meiyu said...

oh, sleeping is not an hobby!! it's something u must do everyday! when it's something u must do, it's not hobby!1

so not counted! i know whats your hobby, you travels!

Duncan said...

Thanks Steph ! Starting to miss you and Pete already :(

ps : Remember your promise lorrrr ! ! !