Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Recycled vintage pretties

I have this weird taste that I think vintage recycle items are pretty, especially when it is wearable. Shixie from Michigan caught my attention with her signature piece, the recycled tin mini dress earrings. I mean, who could ever thought that the empty food tin we throw everyday could be transformed into something so delicate and unique?

I love all her design, but these are my favourite. Does the blue one reminds you of the pinafore we used to wear during secondary school time?

I have no idea why, but when i see these, i thought of my grandma.

Other than just mini dresses, she has bag necklace too...I'm so tempted *steph's drooling*


Eunice said...

She's selling them quite expensive.

I think you can make from the can drinks tin also. But need a good cutter. Try then show me :D haha.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Yeap, it's in USD, expensive only when converted to Ringgit. I thinkg it's not easy, she got buffed the sides and surface, i guess buffing takes a lot of effort and time :)

It's not just about the cost of material but she's selling the design as well:)

I will try only if i know how, haahaha! U try and show me la

Eunice said...

Yes. Exactly lor, she sell her designs. Sometimes i think it's the design you are selling, not the materials made of. That's y the price.

Then again, got many copy cats lar. Hahaha! I am quite a good one :x

YT said...

Wow, surprisingly cute. But I don think I wanna make them. Seems like a lot of hardwork.

Agree that it's the design they are selling, jus like designer items out there. We pay more for the idea/brand than the material.

But again, I respect their creativity and originality so yes, I will pay if I like them.

Stephanie meiyu said...

yeap, u girls are so right, it's the design they're selling and i m willing to pay for it too.

I hope one day people will be willing to pay for my design, hahahaa!!

I've got twitter!YT how to put it at my sidebar ah?

Jerine said...

i love the bright green and pink one!