Friday, July 24, 2009

Polymer clay matching bag charms

LinkI was pretty excited when YT ordered a marsh mallows bag charms in matching colours for her new Coach bag, i thought it was such a brilliant idea!

So i made myself 2 matching polymer clay charms for my bags too! Now, my bags are complete!


Deserts charms -Lolli in green n pink, chocolate cherry cake slide, cookie, choc chips pretzel, chocolate. ahhh...over dose of sweetness!


Just the right charms for a pink Ralph Lauren medium tote bag. Visit Stephanie's for more information.


Oh, this is totally adorable,can? I showed YT and she's tempted to buy the same bag so i can make her the matching bag charms, they look like they came with the bag!


Le Sport Sac and my matching bag charms! Oh, this bag is a steal, Parkson Gurney is having big sales!

If you're interested in customizing matching bag charms or key chain, visit Stephanie's for more information :) I will definitely be delighted to customize ur bag charms !!


YT said...

I want the charm I want the charm I want the charm x100

You made me drool for the bag even more. I think what I really want is the charm, not the bag :P

You rock girl!

Stephanie meiyu said...

thanks sweetie!! but u have to have to bag to have the charms!

i can make it smaller to be made into charmed bracelet

Eunice said...

am thinking now it's us buying a bag to match the charms, not buying the charms to match the bag! Super cute all the charms T_T dribing ppl nuts. I go home korek some old bags see can make it back to live. hehe.

Jerine said...

i love the house and birdie. super cute!!!!

Candice said...

I like lollipop and the bird...if i want a bmw or benz...can you do that? (=

Stephanie meiyu said...

Eunice : yippie!!! sometimes i do buy bags to match my charms :P

Jerine : yeap, i like the birdhouse and birdie the most!

Candice : wah! you always like to give me challenges! but i love it, like ur keychains, i enjoyed doing it, though i've spent a day making them :P

Anonymous said...

Yes! sure looked like they came with d bag!

u're brilliant!!!

love ur collection!!!!

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha!Thank you!