Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Bow-Wow, One Heart

Operafest Children’s Choir will be having a musical concert to raise fund for Furry Friends Farm and Animal Sanctuary in Kemuning. Million thanks to Charlotte for the reminder :)

Furry Friends Farm is involved in the Pulau Ketam Dog rescue mission. Pulau Ketam residents had transported over 400 dogs to an abandon island and left them to die of starvations, it was indeed a really really heart-aching story.I heart about it but I never had the guts to read about it, I knew that i
will defintely burst into tears. I have a very soft side for animals, especially for dogs.

It was a living hell for dogs, with no food , cold and don't have proper shelter. Leaving them like this is worse that putting them to sleep. Some dogs swam back to Pulau Ketam but was rejected and resulting drown in the sea, and half of the 400 dogs were already dead in the island.

If you have a heart, please get your tickets now, there's no fixed price for the tickets but minimum donation of RM30. If you are planning for a shopping trip on the weekends, you might want to spare part of your shopping budget to these foundations.

Concert will be held at Light Box Theater at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One, for more information about the concert, click here.and here.

See you there!!

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