Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Twitt Twitt Bird

I've heard about Twitter ages ago but i didn't know it will be so addictive, especially when I have a few girl friends who love to chat in twitter.

So yeah, I finally registered a twitter account last week and I'm practically updating it everyday! I called my twitter account "twitt-twitt bird" and my 1st mission is to spread Mr.Siao virus, so i did!

Just in case you don't know what's Mr. Siao, it is a comedy series showing now in NTV7 every Wednesday 9pm (if i'm not mistaken, should be around that time). Since i don't have a TV at home, i watched it in you.tube

I have embedded my twitt-twitt bird in herbaltree too! See it in the side bar on you right.


Start following me in my twitt-twitt bird now :)


YT said...

You and your Mr Siao. I wonder if Pete is jealous or not? Hahaha!

Ei, you updated your Twit like every hour or minute can? Hahhaha! And everyday there MUST be something Mr Siao related :S

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahahaha! ei, tonight got mr siao! lets go somewhere with wifi..

Jerine said...

Aiyo... I'm watching Mr Siao now. Since you talk about the restaurant episode, I want to see how amir and shah rukh han sing the chicken song.

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaaha!! Jerine, i have to watch that episode everyday, super funny loh!