Saturday, July 18, 2009

Genting trip with da Friends

It was good and fun, though we didn't do much, more like we did nothing but to hang out and drink, walked around and take pictures.

We didn't go into casino, we had our casino back in the hotel room though. Awana Genting is pooosome! The room is so spacial that we could roll from the front door to the balcony, which has a bench and fantastic view!

Awana Genting has nothing much, don't have fancy coffee shops, and the place is not crowded at all! and the best thing of all, they have WIFI everywhere, which means i can Twitter anytime, anywhere!

I have so many things to tell yet my Macbook is running out of battery, I've been going to Starbuck and Oldtown to get online because my house modem is not working!

Da friends - Gan, Jeewei, Duncan, Sim, CC (newly added), Steph, Pete (newly added)

I love this picture a lot! I think I'm gonna print it out in life size and stick it onto Pete's wardrobe


Jerine said...

ah....i want to go!!! hehehe.... the photo damn cute lor both of u...

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha! Lets go together with the girls , i want to go too, it'll be really fun!

Duncan said...

Give steph the jaigerbomb. Lots of stuff to see after that :P

Steph, I got 1 picture horrr...showing the "thing" 1 remember ? The leh-mak ! haha

YT said...

Ah, old mates gathering, me likey!

Yes, the photo is uber cute, print! Hahahaha~

Stephanie meiyu said...

Duncan, oh please, you were the one trying to sell the hotel's hair dryer to Jee wei after jaigerbomb. what leh-mak!!?!?!

YT, yea, i'll print it when i have time.