Monday, July 27, 2009

Friends are made of sugar

I've been going out with YT a lot lately, and she has infected me with her ever-so-love-to-travel-everywhere virus! Because of this virus, Pete and I went to Jitra along with YM & YT, it's YM hometown by the way :)

This is a really beautiful place,with no haze, or minimum haze and bright blue sky (therefore quite hot loh!) and lots of big old trees, except that I can't find ZARA here, else it would be perfect!

Pete and I sitting under the cute little tree.

That 2 lovely ,funny couple, they're always fighting and I always think it's hilarious.

Roll roll roll your boat! 4 of us has been hanging out a lot lately, but i really enjoy their companion, like YT said, it's really not easy to love both.

YT seems to be enjoying alot, poor YM did all the paddling, i guess, not sure, i wasn't in the boat. But she looks like she's really enjoying and YM is sweating away.

My boat has flooded, and wet my pants!

Such a beautiful weather, I haven't been seeing bright blue sky in Penang Island for awhile, stupid haze!

Picture of the day!

Champion picture of the day, hilarious!

At night, we played MONOPOLY, my favourite board game of all! Though i was the 1st to eliminate out, but the game continued until 4AM! i think if its not because of YT and I were whining , both the boys might be playing until next day morning!

We went to duty free shop at the Thailand border to shop for food junkies before heading for a real Thai dinner! Pete almost bought the whole shop back.


YT said...

I love hanging with u and Pete... A LOT. You two are the cutest couple ever!

I really appreciate the friendship, a lot :) And thanks for being my fren :)

stephanie said...

i enjoy hanging out with u 2 too :)