Friday, July 10, 2009

Cupcake necklace

This is my 1st cupcake using white silicone, it's super cute!


I guess Jerine is on her way back to Aussie now, we sent her off in the morning before going to work, gosh! for the 1st time, i woke up at 630am to have breakfast but it was fun!

It's irony, I've known YT and Eunice much earlier but we weren't close until Jerine came into picture, she has put 4 of us together. It's not easy to find someone whom i've known for days and clicked immediately. Jerine is one of them :)

So yeah, i'm starting to miss her already! She gave me loads of beautiful stickers and establishments, love it! See, how could i not miss her ?

*wear of the day!


Matte white rose cabochon ring from Stephanie's I'm loving flowers a lot lately!


YT said...

Everyone loves Jerine :)

Joyce C. said...

Silicone? Is the texture like clay? Hm...

The picture of the cupcake looks shiny. Yummy treats as jewelry. Me like. :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

YT : hahaa, yeap, everyone loves Jerine

Joyce : nop, silicone is soft and feels like jelly unlike polymer clay which is hard. The base of this cupcake is polymer clay while the vanilla white cream is silicone.

Joyce C. said...

Then I think I know what it is. Does it have a pungent odour? Anyway, when you create more silicone items, take super macro pictures! It's be great if I can see one close up. :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

Hi Joyce, no, it doesn't have any smells at all :) I will post up a picture with super macro pictures of it