Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bride's maid bracelets

I'm delighted when I've received an order of 20 bracelets to give away for bride's maids. 20 bracelet is not exactly a huge order, but the thing is that she wanted it in 4 days time, which means i've gotta complete it in 3 days, then send it out on the 4th day and she'll receive on the 5th day.

I understand it's really a bit rush, but i didn't want to disappoint her, it's her wedding after all. Everyone wants a fairy tale's wedding, yes?!

I've gotta schedule everything properly and make sure the bracelets are ready in time.

Sunday : finalized with the design, ordered beads and Sworovski heart
Monday : Made polymer clay roses
Tuesday : Received beads and Sworovski heart pendants, start making a few of it.
Wednesday : Finished all 20 bracelets, packed.
Thursday : Sent out during lunch time


The finalized design


All 20 bracelets.


Fuchsia polymer clay roses.


Put on tags and ready to be packed.

I'm glad everything went smoothly and these bracelets reach the bride in time. This is my 1st time receiving bulk orders for wedding and I'm glad I've done it with such short period.


YT said...

So thiss is what the roses are for! Nice. If I order I will only give you three days :D

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! so happy that they're all done! congrats!!! wat an accomplishment!

stephanie said...

YT - hahaha, don't be so bad la, very stressful one!

Anoy -thank you! I'm kinda proud of myself too, hahahaA!

Jerine said...

so nice! so nice! so nice!!!!!! some more it's pink~! too bad i didn't manage to steal one of the roses the other day.

stephanie said...

Aha! thank you Jerine dear :) I didn't even keep one for myself :(

Eunice said...

very sweet :) geng lar... can finish in few days time.

stephanie said...

kekeke! Thanks eunice, i supposed her wedding is themed in pink :)

Eunice said...

My friend Miracle Angel just got her bracelet from you. She's so happy lar.

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaa! I read her blog too, no wonder i found her name so familiar :)