Friday, July 03, 2009

Belated polymer clay party

After the burnt clay trauma, we didn't give up and had another polyclay session at YT'S. It was so fun having polyclay session like this, i mean,they are all very fun people to be with and they seriously talks a lot!

Big thanks to Eunice and Jerine for the yummilicious dinner and desert, and I was like an hour late but they waited for me :) Poor Eunice almost fainted due to hunger, kekeke!

That whole night, i was racing with time, i've got a bulk order to complete, which i will talk about it later.

See those roses? Those are my roses, all i made that night was 20 roses and 2 pink cupcakes and i never made anything for myself. Jerine is kind enough to donate 2 slides of chocolate cake charm for me, which one of it I've given out to my favourite customer.

The ever-so-artistic pieces of Pete's consist of recycled polymer clay (those small left over polyclay pieces), thats why his Lego man and tortoise looks a bit dirty, errr..quite dirty also, but he said that is art, i don't understand!

Jerine (top left), YT (top right), Eunice (bottom left) and Steph

The girls' master piece, eunice did the sushi, YT did the dimsum & noodle, Jerine did the cakes & poo-poo

The cupcake corner.

I feel so sweet, I love this picture the most. Pink is the new black? Nah...!!! i don't think so, but pink is really pretty, no wonder Paris Hilton loves pink and Jerine too! Now, even YT who used to hate pink so much, started to wear pink T and making pink things, now i can call her Bimbo like she used to call Eunice and Jerine.

The party ended at 2am but all creations are perfectly baked and I am so pleased with that, I hope you girls enjoy as much as i do :) We'll definitely having another session like this, or at least bitching session like this.


YT said...

Oi, me not bimbo ok? Jus happened to wear a pink tee doesn't make me a bimbo *sulk*.

But seriously, your roses are too beautiful. I showed my colleague and she kept insisting that these are not handmade and I have to vow that I see you making them with my own eyes! Hahahaa.... Anyway, many of my colleagues are your fan now. They kept visiting your Steaphanie's :D

Jerine said...

i still want to steal your rose!

Stephanie meiyu said...

YT : hahahaa, but u mentioned you starting to like pink, thats make u a bimbo..kekeke!

Love you lots lots, you're bring more fans to my design :)

Jerine : no, u can't steal them now, they're sent out to my customer dee, hahaaha!