Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wooohooo, shopping is fun!

I spotted these paper-card briefcases from Maggie-T and immediately fell in love! Whats more when they have 60% discount and if i don't bring them home, I'll feel sorry.

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These are just part of my buys, I bought a few more round boxes with this matching patterns. I'm such a happy girl now, don't you think so?

My room has exploded again, my boxes of beads and charms are overflowing yet again! And just in case you don't, I have boxes of my stuffs stored in my living hall. Why do i have so many things?


A random picture of Sim's doggie, Lucky!


YT said...

The boxes are cute... but I would prefer if they're not pink :P

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaahaha,I've noticed you don't like pink huh :)

I suddenly have this pink-pinky crave, thats y i'm in love with DKNY fresh blossom..only because it's pink,keke!