Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

This should be a quicky, because I'm in bed getting ready to my crafty dreamland.


This little turtle was overwhelmed that he literary stood up, reminds me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, where turtles were the superheroes. I wonder, why people likes to relate super heroes to animal, like spiderman, batman and etc. Not all super heroes have super strength, like for example, my HERO DADDY, he is my super hero!

Father's day is near, let your daddy be your hero! Speaking about Father's day, I've kinda convinced Pete to make his dad a card, alright alright, not convinced, but kinda forced him to make one, he did a pretty good job in the end.


Project on going, while forcing Pete to make card, I made one for my hero too....YT buzzed me in gmail just now, I can see she's pretty excited about our polyclay charms.


My my my, did i mentioned about this new fold-able table Pete got for me, it's super super useful. After all the mumblings about not having a place for polymer clay, he finally bought me one. Its fold-able, so when i'm not using it, i can fold it and keep it somewhere else. You know, it's not like I make polymer clay all the time, neither do i make cards everyday, so ya, this table is just the right thing for me. It will never take up any space, BECAUSE IT CAN BE FOLDED.

I think I'm over excited abou it and it's so affordable, only RM29.90 from Giant.

*Father's day cards will be posted later*


Been reading a lot, and they said the best way to promote your jewelries is to wear it on yourself, so here I am wearing my own designs. I'm a proud owner, I am!

*ei?? I thought this was supposed to be a quicky? I'm such a long winded person*


YT said...

:) Yes, I am excited! So how? My place eh? Jerine is in (of cos she is!!!), so we will hv to wait till next week when she comes back.

About who's cooking dinner, I suggest Peter and YM!!! :D And Eunice too since she insist that she can cook :) But be prepared for food poisoning lar!

Eunice said...


I've no time, got to concentrate on making cute charms :D

Eunice said...

You should be proud, your designs are very nice :) Stephanie's... the signature branding sounds so pro. Haha!

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaahahaha!! then eunice, u cook for us before going to YT's...

Thank you eunice, i thought it sounds pro too when i named it, but now i kinda thought of rename it to Stephanie F.