Friday, June 19, 2009

Tagged : 10 things about Steph

I haven't been tagged for like centuries, and seriously, more tagged post are like super donkey long, so long, who would read it unless he/she is interested in you!

YT gave me a Blog Award Tag which I'm suppose to list down 10 things about myself, ha! as easy as pee.

here goes...10 things about Steph,

1. Steph do not eat fish or anything that has that stinky fish smell, but LOOOOVEs Scott's Emulsion. beware, she likes only the original flavour, not this orange one which tasted like antibiotic syrup,yuck!

2. Steph has a hero in her heart , which is her dad. She always thinks her dad looks like a gangster because of the long scar on his face.

3. Steph loves Monster Inc. to death! which makes her go crazy for everything that is Monster Inc. related.

4. Steph wears bracelet/ring/necklace every time she leaves the house, or else she don't feel complete.

5. Steph has a dog which looks like a teddy bear.

6. Steph owns more than 100 bags.
7. Steph loves things that are related to the nature, especially leafs,grass,flowers, blue blue sky and the sea.
8. Steph has a thing to cute guys (who doesn't?) but has found her cutest guy and has kidnapped him.
9. Steph collects Monopoly.
10. Steph is getting married at the age of 28, kekekeekekekekee!!


YT said...

Congratulations on ur wedding, I know it's another 3 years but I want to be the first who wishes you!

Omg, you have THAT many bags! Erm, do you mind giving one or two to me? I promise to say thank you :D


Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaa!!! #10th said specially to Pete. haha!anyway, thank you for your wishes, i might go to your wedding 1st.

You have a nicer bag!! you wanna switch your CK with a few of mine? I don't mind..*evil grins*

Duncan said...



Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaahaa!!because i'm not marrying u!

Eunice said...

Hahahahhaha, number 10 is good!!! congrats :p

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha, thanks eunice!Tuesday not free woh, wednesday can? for our polyclay nightout

Duncan said...

I pity Pete... hehehe
Congrats Steph. :)hugs

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thank duncan dear! Pete happily accepted my proposal *evil grins*

Janice said...

Hey, do i get a special "Ang Pau" when #10 happens? Remember all the makan sessions, Monopoly session when both of you NOT together yet?