Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Steph's thoughts

I’ve once said that I hate Mother’s day so much that my mind automatically remove everything that is related to Mother’s day. That’s so true because I didn’t even realized Mother’s day has passed and I obviously did nothing this year.

Father’s Day is around the corner and sadly, it reminds me of mother’s day which I didn’t want to remember at all! I thought it was normal that I didn’t like to mention mother’s day, but little did I know that the hatred means that I wanted to ignore the fact that mommy has gone.

After so many years, I still sob badly every time I talk about mommy, and when I’m alone and I thought about her, I cried like a baby. I’m not sad because she left; I just miss her so badly. And I’m telling you writing this post is definitely not an easy thing, I paused a few times, tried to distract myself by doing other things because I didn’t want to cry yet again.\

Life’s not easy but I’ve been blessed with so many goodness that I’ve lost count how many. Though mommy has gone, but she’d left so many things for me, her laughter, her jolly character and her passion towards life


Anonymous said...

i understand ur feelings...i have the same feelings when father's day is coming now..


stephanie said...

aww annie....I'm sorry but we know very well that they're in a better place, isn't it? Live your life to the fullest is the best gift for him:)

YT said...

Be strong... for her. I am sure she wants you to remain happy.

Candice said... strong my dear... ^_^

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thank you candice!! You're such a sweet heart!